Christina M. Huang

Department of Health Sciences, Queen’s University, Canada


  • Research Article   
    Exploring the Association between Years of Post-Secondary Education on Medical Students' Self-Perceived Stress
    Author(s): Christina M. Huang*, Vincent Wu and Jennifer J. MacKenzie

    Background: The pressures of medical education have the potential to negatively affect students’ academic performance and mental health. We aimed to explore the relationship between years of post-secondary education (PSE) completed prior to medical school and students’ self-perceived stress. Methods: This was a cross-sectional study, utilizing an online survey including the Perceived Stress Scale 10 (PSS-10), to determine the self-perceived stress levels of pre-clerkship medical students. Surveys were completed on a voluntary basis. Age, gender, PSE years, current medical school year, alumni status, additional pursuits prior to medical school, and PSS-10 score were captured. Multiple one-way analyses of variance within pairwise comparisons was used to analyze the relationship between PSS-10 with PSE, controlled for all other variables. Student’s t-test comp.. Read More»

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