Medical Students??? Perspective towards Empathy: Current Discourse and Way Forward


Indang Ariati Ariffin*, Mohamad Wafriy bin Che Ismail and Hasanain Faisal Ghazi

Background: Empathy can help to build a good physician-patient relationship and essential treatment to the patients but the current level of empathy in medical students shown the decline. This study aims to look into what medical students discourse empathy, such as their definition of empathy and approaches for them to develop empathy. Methods: A mixed-method study design was conducted among 316 students. A questionnaire from Jefferson Scale of Empathy (student version) was distributed to measure the level of empathy. Whereas 11 medical students had been chosen by convenience sampling for the focus group interview. Results: The finding showed a mean score of the level of empathy is 100.33 out of 140. Medical students had moderately understanding about the definition of empathy. They also have moderately understanding on approach to develop empathy whereas the factors to develop empathy are also reasonably understood by medical students but at the lower point. The above findings for understanding the definition of empathy is supported by the results from the focus group interview where medical students capable of defining empathy. Contradiction to that, medical students unable to identify factors that can develop empathy. They also have a lack of understanding regarding the approaches on how to build empathy in them rather than through academic experiences and social experiences. Conclusion: In conclusion, medical students able to define empathy but they fail to explain more about factors and approaches that can develop empathy. The findings are significant to be used for medical students to understand empathy and improve empathic behaviour. Best YouTube to MP3 converter. Download MP3 from YouTube for Free. Download Mp3 songs for free Download mp3 songs online at Mp3 Converter, watch high quality online music videos watch and download free songs of the highest quality. Listen to songs online here comfortably without any annoying advertisements. Easy to use and free MP3 downloader. YouTube To MP3 download in seconds using the best YouTube to MP3 converter. YouTube Mp3 Get the latest song by simply typing the latest artist or song title in the Search menu. Mp3 file format with 128 - 320 Kbps bitrate converted from YouTube videos. read at this blog