Impact of education in awareness of complications in mandibular third molar extractions - an institutional study


Arvind Karikal, Sindu Gowri , Arathi K

Removal of mandibular third molars for various reasons is one of the most frequently carried out procedures in oral surgery. Most of the surgeries are performed with minimal intra or postoperative difficulties. However, occasionally this common procedure can result in several complications. Purpose of the study was to analyse the incidence of postoperative complications and their relationship with age, sex and patient education level. Study consisted of 60 patients with a mean age group of 17-60 years who had their mandibular third molars extracted between the months of May 2011 to July 2011. Risk factors were grouped into age, sex and patient education level. Data obtained was analysed using chi- square test. Younger age group, females, low education status of the patient was associated with an increased risk for post extraction complications. While age, sex cannot be altered directly, these factors can be altered indirectly, resulting in a potential decrease for postoperative complications. Education also plays an important role in decreasing postoperative complications.