Effect of Celecoxib in addition to standard therapy in adults with Major Depressive Disorder: A double-blind, randomized clinical trial


Estefano Malaga Correa, Karen Hurtado Colorado,Ana Rita Gomes Carlos Leal, Lourdes Loyola, Cláudia Grandino Latorre Palma, Thiago Claudino Gomes Righetto6,Francieli Silva Ruiz7, Ines Gabriela Mesia8, Eleana Acosta Zavala,Gloria-Beatrice Wintermann

Options for the treatment of menopausal symptoms include hormone replacement therapy, e.g. with Tibolone. However, an increased risk of adverse effects like vaginal bleeding, cardiovascular events or breast cancer has been observed. Well-designed randomized controlled trials proving the effectiveness and reduced risk profile of alternative therapies, such as natural supplements, are still rare.